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High Achievers

High Achiever Awards are for current financial CEI Members

A minimum of two riders in a class to qualify



The highest percentage rider in the largest class of each level, will be rewarded with a $40 cash bonus

The highest overall percentage pony of the day will receive a $40 cash bonus


Under 18's in working equitation classes on dressage days will receive a $25 cash bonus for the highest percentage overall

Photographer Bonus of Dressage Days: 

Top two overall percentage scores on the day will receive a
$45 Photo Credit 


Working Equitation: 

Riders placed 1st in each level will receive a $40 cash bonus!

Age Awards highest scoring; Child, Junior, Youth

Each will receive $25 cash bonus!


Photo credit awards $55 to the winner of each level 

$150 Credit photo shoot for the highest % in EOH overall 

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