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Welcome To Camden Equitation Inc.



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Working Equitation

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Camden Equitation Inc is a small, friendly local club mainly based at Camden Bi-Centenial Equestrian Park and Horsely Park at Sydney International Equestrian Center 

Our club offers both Dressage and Working equitation competition and training days.
Our Dressage Competitions offer both official and

un-official dressage Tests as well as the Working Equitation Dressage Tests. 



What Do We Offer You?


4 official EA dressage competitions including ANWEL        Working Equitation tests

Working Equitation competitions

Offering the most attractive entry fees around Sydney

Cash rewards for High Achievers


Age rewards


Pony of the day award


Rising Star recognition


Members Discount on all entries


Newsletter chatterbox to keep members updated  


Fabulous HOTY program with yearly rug awards


2 special members’ only opportunities:


A closed restricted dressage competition;


A training day held at SIEC offering

Private lessons, protocol tests, obstacle, training, and mini obstacle competitions

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Our club offers regular EA official and unofficial test from preparatory to advanced. We also offer WEQ dressage tests on dressage competition days.
A Members only day is held every year along with various training opportunities for both disciplines

Working Equitation

Working Equitation is a fun way to train seriously.

There are three phases (with an optional 4th phase) to Working Equitation. A Dressage test is held in a 40x20m arena. The tests are slightly different to EA tests. The 2nd phase is Maneability phase which consists of performing obstacles, most courses have between 10-15 obstacles such as walking over a bridge and picking up a garrocha, spearing a ring and depositing them in a barrel.  The 3rd phase is Speed - This is performing the obstacles at Speed. The 4th phase (optional) is a team of 4 riders which seperate and pen a beast. We run training days and competitions throughout the year!

You can find out more information on the ANWE web site.

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Training days

CEI offer a range of training days. Our dressage days consist of lessons and Protocol days with qualified instructors. 
Working Equitation training days consist of practice time with obstacles under  guidance.

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SIEC address - Saxony Rd Horsley Park NSW
We hold four Official dressage days and 2 members' days per year 

See the information tab for all dates 

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Working Equitation

We hold three working equitation competitions per year, we also have a practice obstacle course set up at our member's events!

Rider/Horse of the year

The new flyer is attached below.

Please see the results tab for all results.

HOTY & POTY  and Age awards will be presented at the Members dressage day and the last Working Equitation competition each financial membership year 

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