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Welcome To Camden Equitation Inc.

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Working Equitation

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Camden Equitation Inc is a small, friendly local club Holding events at:

 Camden Bicentennial Equestrian Park

Sydney International Equestrian Centre

K-Ranch Mount Hunter


Our club offers: 

Dressage Competitions with both EA official and un-official tests along with Working Equitation tests.

 3 or 4 phases Working Equitation competitions 

Cattle and obstacle Training days


What Do We Offer You?

  • 4 official EA dressage competitions including ANWEL

  • Working Equitation tests

  • 3 Working Equitation 3 and 4 phase competitions

  • Offering the most attractive entry fees around Sydney

  • Cash rewards for High Achievers

  • Age rewards

  • Pony of the day award

  • Members Discount on all entries

  • Up to date website and FB  

  • Fabulous HOTY program with yearly rug awards

  • Members’ ONLY opportunities:

    • Restricted dressage competition;

    • Cattle and obstacle training days

    • A training day held at SIEC offering

    • Private lessons, protocol tests, obstacle, training, and mini obstacle competitions

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We hold our dressage competitions at both:

Sydney International Equestrian Center


Camden Bicentennial Equestrian Park


Click the link below for upcoming dates 

Working Equitation

We hold three & four phase Working Equitation Competitions

We offer practice obstacle course at our Member's Day events!



Click the link below for upcoming dates

Members Day's

Benefits of membership: 

  1. Fun training days 

  2. Cattle Clinics 

  3. Obstacle training 

  4. Unofficial dressage days 

  5. Discounts of entries 


Click the link below to become a member

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